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Donny Yasaputra


Warmest greeting from Bali Island of Paradise

First of all, let's me introduce myself...

My name is Donny Yasaputra but people around me always call me "Donny" as my nickname

So please just call me " Donny " its sound friendly.

I am a man who was born on 20 November 1976 and have my hole life in Bali island of paradise.

I am working at the best aviation in Indonesia which is base in Bali as the headquarter.

I have a lot of hobbies to do like videography, photography, traveling, social network,

relationship, aviation, meet a new people and share the good experience.

I decided to create this website so I could have more friends worldwide

and more business relationship for long term.

With this website also, I am trying to share my experiences to everybody to help them

and make them happier.

Thank you very much for your nice co-operations and for your continued solid support.

So, enjoy Bali Island of Paradise!

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